Poet painter

About the Artist

A Twin Cities native, Dillon spends days in his studios located  in Bayfield, WI & St Paul, MN. He holds a BA in Studio Arts &  Business from the University of Minnesota. 

His work is primarily oil painting with a variety of curious sculpture  over the years. His work and art style is mostly considered Post Modern  or Expressionistic. 

Dillon describes his work as, ‘Art with a Grin, because I try to infuse humor in much of my work.’ Dillon’s paintings & poetry are influenced by impressions from life,  travels and practical living. One of Dillon’s favorite paintings,  ‘W.B Yeats & Me’, celebrates a life of travels and love of poetry.  Dillon’s various Micky work over the years represents the duality in our  consumer driven society.  

As a former Ad Agency owner, Dillon has been described as one of  the true Mad Men of Advertising. Dillon’s love of art has always been  a focus, fine art was often used in his ad agency work. With a large Irish brood living in the Twin Cities, he’s never far from children, grandchildren, great grandchildren & many friends.   

Richard Dillon

Poet Painter